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About us

Founded in 1989, Pavimarmi in Trani is specialized in the production of slabs and blocks of marble, travertine, stone and onyx from all the world. This is a two-generations-family-run business. Every day, for about thirty years, Domenico, Antonio and Damiano work hard in this activity based mainly on their common passion for natural stone.

The company’s cornerstones are a long experience and a constant professional updating of materials and working techniques. So, innovation and tradition are combined with great skill and make it capable of interpreting the characteristics of each stone at its best. Thanks to a constantly committed and devoted staff that constantly research the absolute quality, we come to the standard that only a carefully selection of the best marble, granite, slate, onyx and travertine from the best holes around the world, can give.

The company is also specialized in the application of polyester and epoxy resins, to uniformize the surface of the materials that will then be machined. Pavimarmi in Trani also offers customers the services of sawing and polishing the plates as well as targeted and customized advice, matured in many years of activity. The customer is at the first place; and according to its needs, the companyassists and supports him during all the stages of processing: from the choice of the most suitable raw material to the implementation of the project.

This accurate modus operandi allows Pavimarmi to stand out all over the world. At present, the company boasts a great experience on the world market: it exports all its products to USA, Japan, Singapore and China. To date, Domenico, Antonio and Damiano’s goal is to maintain a high quality standard that guarantees the good name of the company. The company is located in Via Barletta, in the Curatoio district, on a main road joining Trani with the nearby town of Barletta, has a large cargo space for loading and unloading items.

Pavimarmi is available to its customers 24 hours a day. For more information pleasevisit the contacts area.