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Working with natural stones is a very ancient activity that, for about thirty years, has fascinated the staff of Pavimarmi. The company specializes in the production and processing of marble in Trani, but also of stone, travertine, lava stone and pietra serena. The main activity is to provide third parties with processed slabs, starting from blocks of raw material, selected and imported from the best quarries around the world. The passion for these stones, the ability to model them and create functional and elegant building works are the soul of this company.

Selection of the raw material

The basis of the work is the pursuit of absolute quality, an objective pursued since 1989, the year the family-run company was founded. The owners Domenico, Antonio and Damiano personally take care of choosing the raw materials precisely and accurately in order to guarantee a high standard of all products.


Right from the selection of raw materials, Pavimarmi’s goal is to meet the needs of the end customer, who asks for the supply of slabs with precise shapes and sizes for the creation of customized projects. Marble processing in Trani is a delicate and complex process in which the experience of the professionals and the quality of the materials can make the difference. Each stone is treated and worked according to its physical and mechanical characteristics, to its chromatic tones, to allow you to find the most suitable solution for each project. The company specializes in the process of applying polyester and epoxy resins to the raw material in order to even out the surface of the materials subsequently processed. In addition, it provides slab sawing and polishing services. In particular, in the sawing phase, single slabs of variable thickness are obtained from a single block of marble, characterized by a regular and homogeneous surface; the polishing phase, on the other hand, serves to give brightness and brilliance to the surface of the slabs.

The competence, passion and experience of all the staff allow a customized and high-quality marble processing in Trani.


The logistical organization of orders and deliveries is carefully studied. The planned and optimized routes allow Pavimarmi to guarantee precision and punctuality in delivering materials all over the world, both for large orders and for small orders.

Processed materials

The company has a large and varied product catalog. The raw materials on which the marble processing in Trani is based are different and vary, for example, in resistance and color tones. Pavimarmi is able to supply the following materials:

  • Perlato Svevo
  • Pomegranate
  • Roman Travertine
  • Egyptian Yellow
  • Carrara white
  • Biancone
  • Meandering
  • Bronzetto
  • Red Fillet
  • Fiorito Adriatico
  • Pietra Serena
  • Lava stone
  • Guilloche
  • Walnut travertine
  • Travertine Silver

Stone is one of the most used natural materials for construction of all kinds. Since its origins, man has used it to make work tools, furnishings, weapons, fences and small houses. Over the years, architecture based more and more constructions and building works on the use of natural stones and marble, in particular, giving life to realizations that have made these materials indispensable, both for their aesthetic strength and for the functionality.

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